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The greatest compliment is a recommendation


Elizabeth DeWitt

I highly highly highly recommend using these guys for any and all horse training! from young to old, wild and tammed! The skill set they have with horses is like none I've ever seen! Save your self time and money and bring your horses to Dan and Kathy! They get the job done in a safe and healthy way that the horse moves forward more quickly and does not cause trauma with your horse; Also while they have your horse they feed and take care of them as if they were their own babies. Your horses training is so important and the trainer you pick. They have only had my mustang for two and a half months and it is incredible the progress from start until now. Before Dan and Kathy she would not tailor load, nor pick her feet up, nor walk or tie, nor saddle and not rideable at all! She was so wild! Now she tailor loads, walks beautifully on a lead rope, ties, no spooky bolting, you can get on her and ride her, she lets Dan do her feet, wears a snaffle and is learning quickly to move forward in the saddle. This might sound unbelievable to some but I rode her for the first time on Friday and felt safe. I think you should consider yourself lucky if you if they can get your horse in and have an open slot. They fill up quickly!
Thank you Dan and Kathy! My family and I are so thankful for everything you have done. We see it all and appreciate every bit of it!

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