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Josie initially joined us as an intern and has since developed her own fantastic training program.
From Josie's website:
Every day that I get to work with a horse, there is an opportunity to improve my horsemanship and learn from the horse. I’m focused on developing a long-lasting foundation on horses that will create the desired partnership between the horse and rider.
I have been working with horses since I was nine years old and have experience in multiple disciplines. I found a passion in working with mustangs, gentling both younger and older horses, and starting colts. I have studied many different trainers to create my own foundation on horses. I work to continue my education by participating in clinics, I am a firm believer that horsemanship is a continued education and you will never stop learning.
Besides training horses for clients I love competing in TIP Challenges by the Mustang Heritage Foundation, in the competition each competitor has 90 days to gentle and train a wild horse to compete in a series of of in-hand classes.