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Team Yriarte Horsemanship is one of the most trusted professional horse trainers in Reno. Since 2016, we’ve been helping both horses and their owners understand each other better and create safe and lasting partnerships. Contact us to improve your communication and your relationship with your animals.

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Dan and Kathy are a passionate Christian husband and wife team based near Reno, Nevada pursuing their dream helping people achieve a true partnership with their horse.

Growing up as life-long horse lovers, both Dan and Kathy enjoyed riding as kids. Dan had horses as a child growing up on a ranch in northern California before being moved to the central coast. He still found a way to have horses there, including working as a trail guide on the beautiful coast of Montana de Oro. For Dan, life took him away from horses while he finished college and found his way to Reno, Nevada and eventually met Kathy in 2012.

Kathy has owned horses since she was 16 and coincidentally, also worked as a trail guide at a ranch in Verdi, Nevada. She had become an avid Parelli student in 2004, however, after several years, she realized that the Parelli program was no longer fitting with the direction she wanted to go. She began to explore other methods and schools of thought, from Tom Dorrance and Buck Brannaman to Xenophon, while enjoying trail riding and the occasional local schooling show with her horses.

Dan and Kathy met in 2012 and shared their love of horsemanship along with a budding romance. Always wanting to learn more and improve, they participated in several clinics with talented horsemen and women including Trevor and Tara Carter, Katrina Sanders, and Buck Brannaman. Dan convinced Kathy that they were ready to compete in the Extreme Mustang Makeover being held at the Reno Rodeo. For those unfamiliar with this event, trainers pick up an untouched BLM mustang they are randomly assigned and have 100 days to gentle and train to compete under saddle. The competition includes handling and conditioning, trail, and manuevers components and culminates with the top ten performing a freestyle ride to music. The horses are then auctioned off to the public at the end. They sent in their applications and both Dan and Kathy were selected to compete. Dan's horse proved to be very challenging and in the end, they elected not to take him because he was not going to be safe for the average adopter. Kathy and her gelding, Legato, competed, however she was injured during the training period and unable to ride, affecting their scores significantly.

Dan was hooked! Kathy... not so much. While she loved the training process, she did not like the constraint of such a short timeline. Dan decided he would enter again in 2016.

They established Team Yriarte Horsemanship in 2016 after Dan's second Extreme Mustang Makeover where he impressed with his horse Doc Holliday, not only in his performance but in the relationship they have.

They have had the pleasure of working with a multitude of horses since then, primarily mustangs, on everything from ground work to trail riding to refinement and collection. They have helped clients with picking wild horses out of the holding pens, helped numerous horses have a positive experience with first rides, gentling, hoof handling and first trims, addressing dangerous behaviors, and things as simple (but just as important) as tune ups on well trained horses that just need more miles and better communication with their owner. Their foundation is built on the horsemanship style of Bryan Neubert, Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance and others who truly believe in putting the horse first.


We believe in partnership before showmanship. This means we will not sacrifice the relationship with the horse to achieve a short term goal, whether it be a show ribbon, a specific maneuver, or a timeline the human has set. We firmly believe the horse must be allowed the dignity of participating in the process of developing communication and trust. By allowing the horse to express themselves, the willingness comes naturally and horse and human become a team, working in unison toward a mutual goal. Communication and confidence are the priority in our program. In order for this relationship to develop, we include lessons for our full-care training free of charge so the owner can participate in the horse's education. We will tailor the program to suit both the goals and abilities of horse and human to ensure long term success.

We believe horsemanship is a journey and that there is always room for improvement. We strive to learn more and learn from the best in the business. Below are clinicians and trainers we have learned from and ridden with. We absolutely recommend that you ride with them or audit a clinic if you get the chance!

Bryan Neubert -www.bryanneubert.com

Vaughn Knudsen - www.compasshorsetraining.com

Garrick Pasini - www.pasiniequine.net

Trevor Carter - www.carterranchhorse.com

Katrina Sanders - www.ksclassicaleq.com

Buck Brannaman -www.brannaman.com



We believe proper training is an essential part of good and responsible horse ownership. As professional Horse Trainers in the Reno, Nevada area since 2016, we offer gentling, colt starting, first rides, restarting horses that have been sitting, restarting feedlot rescues, tune ups, and more. All our horse training services are designed to give you and your horse the individual attention and skills needed to create a successful partnership.



We offer evaluations free of charge. We will come to your place to meet you and your horse and get to know you better, discuss your goals and struggles, and come up with a plan. We may also work with you and your horse to demonstrate how we would go about addressing the concerns that have you seeking a trainer. This works like a mini lesson and helps to ensure we are a good fit for you and your horse and that we are the right trainer for you. Because our program focuses so heavily on relationship, we feel this is a valuable service for both our potential clients as well as ourselves. Typically we allow 1-3 hours for the evaluation.



$675 per month

Training consists of 4-5 sessions per week of education, typically 1-3 hours per session. We will be building the tools and skills to create a confident, willing partner utilizing gentle and effective methods. Some of the basic skills we teach include ground driving, tying, trailer loading, lining up to a mounting block and more. This also includes lessons for you with your horse to ensure you are successful when you take your horse home. 
Horses are kept in our custom-built mare motels with approximately 24x24 foot corrals and high-quality mix hay fed twice per day. Fresh water and salt blocks are always available. Pens are cleaned typically everyday, but no less than every 3 days. Turnout is provided on off days and more frequently if possible. We have 3 rounds pens of varying sizes - from 45 foot to 70 foot, an 80x80 foot fenced arena, and an approximately 80x150 groomed unfenced arena with multiple obstacles including a suspension bridge and teeter-totter. We also have miles of trails on public lands as well as a private greenbelt and access to cattle right off the property.



$675 per month

Unhandled horses 7 years old or older will require a commitment of at least 6 months at $750 per month.

Since 2016, we have gentled scores of mustangs and have developed a very successful program. Our facilities were designed with wild horses in mind and are approved by all agencies. All amenities listed above for full-care training are provided for our unhandled horses as well.
We have relationships with the BLM wild horse and burro program, the US Forest Service (Devil's Garden wild horses), and Wild Horse Connection who manage the wild horses on the Virginia Range.
We can help you select your horse and then gentle and train it as far as you would like, whether just ground work and basic handling or ready to hit the trails under saddle.



$100 per session (1-3 hours)

These are great for those who are doing well overall but may need support to overcome a specific issue such as trailer loading, bridling, standing still for mounting, confidence building etc. We will work with you to discuss your goals and struggles and address them during your lesson. We do not offer lessons by the hour as we believe the learning should dictate the timeline, therefore we offer blocks of 1-3 hours for each lesson.
We want to ensure that you and your horse get the most out of our time together.
In order to provide the best service possible to our full-care training clients, we are available on a very limited basis for off-site lessons with you and your horse. We are able to accommodate lessons on-site more frequently. Additionally, lessons for all clients with horses in full-care training are included free of charge.



(+ fuel surcharge for facilities other than LBL Equine Rescue, Litchfield & Palomino Valley BLM, and Wild Horse Connection)

Ready to pick out a wild horse of your very own? Got your eye on a horse at a local rescue but not sure what to look for to know it's a good fit? We can help! We will accompany you to your chosen facility and share our knowledge and experience in choosing your new partner!
This service includes up to 3 visits to look at the horses.
Please note that for all facilities you will need to make an appointment to view the animals.



$1.00 per mile ($50 minimum)

We are available for transportation utilizing our 3 horse slant load trailer. It is also an approved design for all mustang adoption and rescue agencies. We have extensive experience hauling and making it a safe and low-stress experience for your horse

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Contact us today to set up your free evaluation!
We would love to meet you and discuss how we can help you achieve your horsemanship goals

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“It's not what you do, it's how you go about it.”

Bryan Neubert


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