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I See You

I see you....wondering if your horse would be better off with someone a little more handy.

I see you feeling like you're not small enough, skinny enough, sharp enough, skilled enough.

I see you feeling like you have no idea what you're doing.

I see you tired, I see you overwhelmed. I see you thinking about how much you'd ask for your horse.

I see you thinking of how someone could do so much better than you're doing. I see pricing out training so you could really see what she's made of.

I see you nervous, I see you worried about failing.

I see you fearing that you will actually suck as bad as you think you might.

I see you wondering what those watching at the fence are saying. I see you wondering if they would do better.

I see you fearing that you won't do your horse justice.

I see you questioning whether you're enough.

But I also see that you're smart. You are wise. I see you're more talented than you give yourself credit for.

I see your athleticism and I see your focus.

I see your determination.

I see your horse sense.

I see your ability to ask for help and I see your open mind.

I see that you know that what others say has nothing to do with you.

I see you growing. I see your unlimited potential.

I see the kindness and compassion you have for your horse.

I see that you have what it takes.

I see that you have all the knowledge you need in your heart.

I see you're deserving of seeing this one through yourself, and I see that your time has come.

You are enough.

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