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We are so excited to bring to you a new clinic format that we believe will help you to reach your goals even faster with your horse! We hope to provide a thorough and progressive approach that fun, engaging, and effective.

Based on feedback from previous clinics and our own experiences as participants, we have developed a new format that builds progressively on the previous clinic and allows the participant to get the most out of each clinic experience. Clinics will be limited to a maximum of 8 participants to ensure you get the support and individualized attention.

Clinics will begin in JULY 2022! Be on the look out for dates as we expect these clinics to fill up fast!

We will have 4 “phases” of clinics:

Safety, Foundation, Horsemanship, & Refinement.

Each clinic will be 2 days and address different topics and skills, building and expanding on the previous. As such, for this format to be effective, it is required to participate in these clinics in the order provided. Individuals may choose not to participate in Foundation if their horse is well-started under saddle and they are confident and competent in riding at all gaits. For long-time students, there may be case-by-case exceptions as well, but we truly believe that everyone will benefit from following the format as we’ve laid it out. These are not intended to be levels to be moved through quickly, but focused, in-depth learning opportunities for you and your horse (or mule!).

As we designed this progression, we envisioned most participants taking more than one Foundation clinic to learn the principles and skills of this style of horsemanship and to grow their partnership and understanding of their horse. When they feel ready, they would move on to either Foundation or Horsemanship. Foundation is for horses that are green under saddle or riders needing more time and confidence in the saddle to ride through all gaits safely and confidently. This, again, may take more than one clinic to accomplish depending on the horse and rider. Horsemanship is for horses and riders that are confident at all gaits and working to build their communication and softness. We will also work on addressing balance, control, good biomechanics for both horse and rider, and preparing for more advanced maneuvers and/or performance goals. We expect that most participants will spend a lot of time here because there is so much to learn! The last phase is Refinement. This is where we will take our horsemanship to the next level and focus on collection and performance, learning skills such as flying lead changes, spins/pirouettes, roping/cow horse skills and more. Many people we’ve met do not have the desire to show or be “fancy” and that’s okay! There is no obligation or expectation to get to the refinement stage, but we do recommend giving it a try when you and your horse are ready for it… your horse might just surprise you with how fancy they are!

Below is a brief description of what you can expect from each clinic:


This is a groundwork clinic with a focus on safety, partnership, confidence, and FUN! It is intended for those who have never worked with us before and those dealing with confidence and/or safety issues. This will be an in-hand clinic. There will be no riding as part of this clinic however you are welcome to ride at our property or on the miles of trails outside of the clinic hours each day.

For horses, and for people, learning cannot happen when they are afraid. We firmly believe that knowledge replaces fear so the better you understand why your horse is reacting the way they are and how to help them, the more confident you will be. We believe this is the key to progress and having fun!

In this clinic we will:

  • cover the theory and principles that guide our horsemanship that we follow and believe.

  • develop skills and tools to help you improve your relationship and communication with your horse.

  • do simulations to help you better understand the positioning, skills, rope/tool handling before you take those skills to your horses.

  • be problem solving and addressing issues such as trailering, tying/pulling back, lack of boundaries/running you over, or any others that may show up.


This clinic is for horses or riders with limited riding experience ("green") or riders who are not confident riding at all gaits. Horses brought to this clinic are to be ridden by the participant and while Dan or Kathy may choose to get on a horse for teaching purposes, this is not a colt starting clinic and Dan will not be doing first rides. Please contact us prior to the clinic if you have a horse that you are not comfortable riding yourself and we can discuss options for you. Green horses will be accepted on a case-by-case basis to ensure the safety of all participants.

In this clinic we will:

  • Cover the exercises we use to prepare our horse on the ground to ensure they are ready to ride.

  • Ensure the saddle and bridle are properly fitted and how to offer them to your horse as a partner.

  • Learn about the importance of fence work and how to teach you horse to pick you up and stand quietly for mounting.

  • Discuss the importance of a one-rein stop and emergency dismount and practice them.

  • Discuss and practice correct rein and leg positions.

  • Learn about the importance of an independent seat and how to achieve it.

  • Practice riding through transitions utilizing various patterns and games.


All participants must be competent riding at the walk and trot and canter/lope. This is a riding clinic and will mostly be horseback.

In this clinic we will:

  • be advancing our groundwork and cover how developing these skills on the ground improves our riding.

  • cover what we look for to ensure our horses are prepared to ride.

  • focus on achieving control and safety in the saddle.

  • introduce and expand on the importance of soft feel and how to achieve it.

  • work on body control and how to isolate each part of the horse for purposeful, precise movements.

  • improve the equitation of the rider by working on achieving an independent seat and quiet hands

  • improve the quality of the horse's movement through balanced, gymnastic development.

  • apply the skills learned through purposeful riding over and through simple obstacles and patterns.


All participants must be competent riding all gaits and have participated in at least two Horsemanship clinics.

In this clinic we will:

  • continue to improve our independent seat and equitation

  • Utilize advancing lateral work to increase our horse’s flexibility and strength

  • Advance our work on body control begin teaching flying lead changes, spins, and more

  • Introduce rope handling skills for horse and rider

  • Work towards achieving true collection through soft feel and proper body mechanics

  • Apply the skills learned via advanced patterns and obstacles

Clinics will begin in JULY 2022!

Be on the look out for dates as we expect these clinics to fill up fast!

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