With an unparalleled commitment to quality and attention to the needs of our clients, our programs are designed and custom tailored to meet the individual requirements of horse and rider.


Before You Commit

We utilize gentle teaching techniques to get the maximum potential out of each and every horse. Our goal is for every horse to be happy, safe, and productive.

We offer a free consultation to ensure we are a good match for you, your horse, and the goals you have. Additionally, we encourage you to come out and see our facility, look at the horses and watch us train for awhile. You should get a feel for our program before you make the commitment. We train these horses at their pace, not yours. It is important to understand that all horses come along at different speeds. So 30 days on one horse can be totally different than 30 days on another horse.


What We Provide

We accept all breeds and ages, and our range of training is full spectrum.  Starting young horses, refining advanced horses, and addressing issues a horse might be struggling with. We encourage the owner to come and watch the training sessions as often as possible, as there is so much to learn and understand about the way a horse moves, thinks, and reacts. We also include a minimum of 1 lesson per week with your horse and will schedule additional lessons as often as you are available as our schedule permits. Your horse benefits from gaining the training and understanding while you become a better horseman. All horses deserve an education and an owner who understands.

Though the platform of creating well educated, quiet, willing horses is the same, each horse has their training program specifically tailored to their individual needs. Age, previous training (or lack thereof), and riding goals are all taken into consideration when designing each program. Most of all, we focus on how each horse thinks and processes the training requests made to them. This is where the trainer's ability to be truly in tune with the horses thoughts is key, and knowing when to ask a little more, and when to back off is imperative.

As your horse's education progresses, they will be hauled regularly to outside arenas and trails at no additional expense to the client. They will be exposed to dogs, cattle, trails and more. Dan is an experienced barefoot trimmer and will maintain your horse's feet while they are here in addition to turnouts (socially if they have a friend or two they get along with) and baths after each session (weather permitting).

Current Pricing

Lessons - $75/session (+ fuel surcharge over 40 miles round trip)

We schedule a block of 3 hours for our lessons to ensure we can allow enough time for the horse to accomplish the goals set. If after 3 hours the horse needs more time, we will not charge for the time over as we believe it is more important for the horse to end the session in a good place. Likewise, if the horse has achieved what we were working towards in an hour, we will not force the horse to continue.

Wild Horse Selection - $100 
+ fuel surcharge for facilities other than PVC BLM, Litchfield BLM, or Wild Horse Connection State Horses

Note: you will need to make an appointment with Wild Horse Connection, the Litchfield corrals are not open on weekends, and PVC will give you more access (including driving through the outside pens to see the horses closer up and moving) with an appointment.

We will meet you at your chosen facility to assist in choosing your new partner.We will discuss the size, build, age, color, temperament you desire and look over the animals with you, giving our input regarding conformation and apparent disposition. This process typically takes 2-3 visits and that is included. More than 3 visits will incur an additional fuel charge. When you have found the perfect horse, we can also help with transport for an additional fee to cover the cost of fuel.

Full Care Training - $650/month


  • At least 5 sessions per week (average time for each session 1-3 hours)
  • full care board in a 24 x 24 pipe corral paddock with attached 12 x 12 3-sided shelter
  • High quality grass/alfalfa mix hay (straight grass or alfalfa can be arranged on request) fed twice daily
  • waters are checked daily and cleaned weekly at minimum
  • free choice mineralized salt block
  • paddocks are typically cleaned daily, but no less than every 3 days
  • 80 x 80 working arena, 70 foot round pen, and 50 foot custom built 6 foot tall mustang gentling round pen as well as miles of trails right off the property.