We have gentled well over a dozen mustangs to date, and our entire personal herd is comprised of mustangs. We love these horses and we would be honored to get you started!

Dan working a 3 year old Little Owyhee HMA mare riding Rio, his 5 year old Diamond Hills South HMA mare.

Beau, gathered from Red Rock Lakes HMA in California. Now a hunter/jumper!

We can help every step of the way, from choosing your horse, to transporting, to gentling, to riding. We have a safe, approved trailer and facility and have pulled horses from both the Palomino Valley facility as well as the Litchfield corrals.

Ella, Kathy's horse, gathered Sept 2015 from Hard Trigger HMA in Idaho

2 year old mare gathered from Owyhee HMA in NV

Mustangs can do ANYTHING

Mustangs are succeeding in every discipline and specialty you can think of! From therapy work like Kiowa (below), to jumping, to rodeo, to dressage, to mounted archery!

Kathy's first mustang, Kiowa, gathered from Granite Range HMA in NV