Concio, pronounced "concho", which translates from Latin to "awaken", "come together", or "move together", has been trained, in part, by the residents at the Awaken House as part of our Awaken Equine program. These women have escaped the horrors of sex trafficking and will be living in the home rent free for 18-24 months in order to focus on their recovery and to begin the long process of healing, both emotionally and physically. The average age of entry into sex trafficking/prostitution in the US is 14 years old, so it will take time to heal wounds this deep. We are here to come alongside them and remind them that they are worth it all.
Kathy and Dan are proud to partner with Awaken ( to make the healing and trans-formative experience of working with horses, and particularly mustangs, available to these women. These women work with mustangs at our ranch once a week in addition to traditional therapies to help in their recovery and healing. The proceeds from the sale of Concio will go directly to supporting this program and the horses these girls have already fallen in love with.

This stunning red dun gelding is a young 2 years old BLM mustang and approximately 14 hands tall and growing. He has a balanced and athletic quarter horse-type build. Concio was gathered from Eagle HMA in Nevada in 2017 and competed at the Mustang Mania TIP challenge in NAmpa Idaho in 2019 where he took 14th overall. He took 2nd place in novice showmanship at the open show the next day. He is easy to catch, halter, lead/handle, and picks up feet/stands for farrier. He trailers quietly first or last in any trailer we've put in front of him and hauls like a dream. He is a gentleman when examined by a vet, and stays safely contained within 5 foot tall fencing or a box stall. He is incredibly athletic, loves to play and cuddle and be in your pocket. He is well socialized and respectful with people and horses. He has worn a saddle and bareback pad and has been sat on. We will start him lightly under saddle in the spring if not sold.

His price will increase as his training progresses.  Further training is available if requested.  Updates on his progress will be posted regularly on our Facebook page.

Concio is a steal at $650!


Sierra is a 5 year old, 14.3 hand titled BLM mustang mare. She was gathered from Hard Trigger HMA in Idaho in 2015 and adopted by Kathy in March of 2018. She is super athletic with solid build. She is easy to lead, has had her feet trimmed, ties, been sat on bareback and with a saddle. Saddles well.  She is a sweet, in-your-pocket type horse once she really trusts someone. She can be hard to catch if she doesn’t know you and is a more insecure, un-confident horse who will really need a person willing to invest the time in earning her trust. She will paw and dig holes in her pen when upset or nervous, but has never done so standing tied. With consistent handling, this diminished significantly. She is slightly toed-in on her front feet, however she has never taken a lame step and is a very easy keeper. With consistent trims it is hardly even noticeable. Sierra has a TON of potential for a person willing to commit to her and ideally she would be their only horse and handled daily. She would make an incredible trail, ranch, or endurance horse. She can be very herd bound and difficult to catch with another horse in the pen, however, once she is haltered she is easy to separate and responsive and soft to her handler. The only reason Kathy is considering rehoming this sweet mare is she do not have the time to devote to her that she needs to thrive and Sierra deserves the best home possible… Kathy works full time for a non-profit and with her current workload and other horses, she does not feel she is Sierra's best option right now. She is currently Kathy's secondary horse and with her personality that is just not fair to her. We are in no hurry to sell her and we will not rehome her to just anyone, but if we can find someone who can offer her what Kathy can’t at this point, we want her to have the chance to reach her potential. A first right of refusal will be included in the sales contract. $850, however this is negotiable as the perfect home is more important. Additional photos and videos available on Facebook with #TeamYSGSierra