Dan and Kathy Yriarte are a Christian husband and wife team pursuing their dream helping people achieve a true partnership with their horse.

Our Approach

Our training is based primarily on the horsemanship style and teachings of Ray Hunt, Bill and Tom Dorrance, and Bryan Neubert.
We believe in PARTNERSHIP before showmanship. This means we will not sacrifice the relationship with the horse to achieve a short term goal, whether it be a show ribbon, a specific maneuver, or a timeline the human has set. We firmly believe the horse must be allowed the dignity of participating in the process of developing communication and trust. By allowing the horse to express themselves, the willingness comes naturally and horse and human become a team, working in unison toward a mutual goal.

“Classical horsemanship is based on love for the horse; it is not practiced for the glorification of the rider.”

~ Charles De Knuffy

In order for this relationship to develop, we require that the primary owner (rider/handler) participate in the horse's education. We will tailor the program to suit both the goals and abilities of horse and human to ensure long term success. Thank you for your support and being a part of our journey!

Meet the Team

Daniel Yriarte


Dan’s passion is colt and wild horse development, cow horse events and trail riding.

Kathy Yriarte


Kathy enjoys liberty work, trails, refinement and is looking forward to exploring both Cowboy and traditional dressage.

Josie Donahue


Josie has developed her skills to the point that she is now transitioning from an intern to a budding professional and we could not be more proud! Josie has begun taking on her own clientele, however we still ask her to step in for rides on smaller framed horses and we still connect regularly to share ideas and and support to provide a well rounded experience for all of our clients!

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Next Steps...

We offer a free consultation assessment where we will come to your place to meet you and your horse(s) and spend a couple of hours getting to know you. We will discuss your goals and watch your work with and ride (if you are at that point) your horse as well as give some pointers and suggestions. Essentially, it is a free mini lesson. Our goal is to ensure that we are a good fit for each other and that we can set and agree on attainable goals for your horse's training.